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Legendary Cheesecake Company

Legendary Cake and Cheesecake Company

We bake mind-blowing cakes and cheesecakes.

Cheesecake Company
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Take a look at the amazing products we make-bake and sell on-site or deliver to customer's shops or cafes.

Cheesecake Company


Premium cheesecakes, made from quality ingredients. Cheesecakes have a delicious creamy taste and unique design. Offering wide range of flavours.

Perfect for your cafe


Simply design but perfect chocolate or fruity taste with a nice and solid decoration. Also available multi-level or custom-made cakes.

Recommended for your party


Italian no1 sweet for everybody and everyday. Filled with sweet ricotta cheese, with chocolate or caramel.

Simply perfetto

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Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of cheesecakes, cakes and cannoli.

The main goal is the distribution of products for cafes and shops. On the other hand, we also create custom-cakes for various types of events.

Among other things, in the production of custom-cakes, we focus on corporate clients, where we making and decorating a cake according to the company logo, colours or various of customer needs.

Simona & Jack Lacko, Owners
We make the magic happen...

Cheesecake Company
Cheesecake Company
Legendary Cheesecake Company
Cheesecake Company
Cheesecake Company

We make the magic happen

Glamorous Wedding Cake

"YES, I do." and yes we do colossal multi-level wedding cakes, old fashion or super modern, whatever you like for your D-day.

Magic Cake Shop

Continuously building cozy Cake Shops, where you can get access to our popular products lightly.

Cheesecake Company
Legendary Cheesecake Company