5th generation of professional bakers

We are creative team with
100 years of experiences

Baking and delivery WOW cakes and cheesecakes
Making fun and a little weirdness about our products and services.
100% adventurous, creative and open
Continue growth and education.
Creating open and honest relationships with our customers
We maintain a positive team and family spirit.
Strongly passionate and determined
Absolutely humble and grateful
are you interested in our cakes and cheesecakes for your business?

Providing the clear B2B cooperation

01.Products Development
We are constantly developing new cakes and improving them according to our customers' needs.
02.Delivery Service
Regular and on time delivery of cakes and cheesecakes is a very important part of our work.
03.Customer Service
Building and maintaining individual and professional relationship with our customers.
custom made cakes & cheesecakes

Custom Projects


We can much more

We have individual levels of baking skills for the cakes and cheesecakes we produce.

Healthy Cakes
Special Desserts
Custom made cakes
Premium cheesecakes with unique design, ultimate taste and various flavours.
Wide selection of cakes from every corner of the world. Sicilian Cassata Cake, Mozart's Sacher Cake, Granny's Chocolate Banana Cake.
Healthy Cakes
Healthy cakes for people allergic and sensitive to lactose, sugar or gluten. Special RAW Cakes or Gluten and Lactose Free Cakes.
Special Desserts
Super-Tasty desserts from French or Italy, various of éclairs or cannoli or dolcini.
Custom made cakes
Special cakes made for different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, family celebrations, multi-level cakes.
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Retail Store

The Company Simona’s Cake City LTD enters the retail market in early March 2020, to sell its products in frozen form. The first product we launch is our Galactico Oreo Cheesecake. Later, we will expand our product range to other popular cakes such as Tropical Mango Cheesecake or Patron Nutella Cheesecake. We are extremely happy to have achieved another important milestone in our presence in the European market.

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Magic Shop

After a long years of B2B orientation we decided to open our first retail, Magic Shop in Slovakia, Moldava nad Bodvou where any individuals can buy cakes or cheesecakes for a low discount price. This Shop is a part of our Production, so all our products can’t be more fresh.

where you can buy our products

Partners Network

Currently we have created a wide network of professional customers – cafes, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels in every major city, shopping malls or other catering facilities where you can buy our significant cakes and cheesecakes.


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